Experimental approaches for fertility preservation in prepubertal boys undergoing oncological therapy

Document Type : Review


1. Gametogenesis Research Center, Kashan University of Medical Sciences, Kashan, Iran.



An increasing number of perpubertal boys encountering infertility due to oncological therapy have provoked a range of studies to set up new methods for fertility restoration and male germ cell maturation.In this regard, cryopreservation of immature testicular tissue (ITT) from small testicular biopsy is being increasingly advised in infertility centres. Different strategies to in vivo or in vitro male germ cell development using stored testicular tissues have been followed: autotransplantation or Xenotransplantation of testicular tissue pieces, spermatogonial stem cells (SSCs) isolation and transplantation,in vitro spermatogensis using 3D culture and tissue culture.Combination of these strategies with assisted reproductive techniques(ART) like intra cytoplasmic sperminjection (ICSI) and in vitro fertilization(IVF) has resulted complete spermatogenesis yielding fertile offspring in a number of animal species but no achievement in producing mature spermatozoa from human prepubertal SSCs has yet been reported. This review describes studies done by researcher making effort on fertility restoration from ITT containing SSCs, Considering the limitations and specific concerns of each strategy.


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